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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Better Tables, Better Help

Click to viewThere's an easier way to create tables now, thanks to the new editor. When editing, you can now use the "Insert/Edit Table" button and create a table with many options. The existing tables will still work, but most people will find that the editor accomplishes everything they need. If you don't see the table button, clear your browser's cache and hit your reload button.

Also, the Help section of the site has been updated with some more details. The new Getting Started page explains the various options you have when editing your universes, and has an example that walks you through the process of creating new web pages and new categories. Finally, a FAQ page has been started. Let me know if you've got any new questions you'd like to see there.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is It Getting Drafty?

This week's big update is the ability to save draft copies of your work. With the "Save As Draft" button, you can now come back to your entries later instead of publishing them for all to see. To go back to your drafts, just look up. There's a new link that will take you to them, to the left of your name and the Logout button.

Also, your entries will now be autosaved to the server every 60 seconds as a draft. If you hit the back button on your browser by accident (like I often do), or your browser crashes, then a draft containing the latest autosave will be waiting for you.

A few other changes:
- If a page (article) contains no info, it will not appear as a link. Only logged in authors will see it as a link.
- An [Edit] link now appears beside page names when logged in. (More changes like this coming.)
- Category names under page titles now link back to the parent page to that category's section.

~ Neil

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The New Editor Arrives

The entry editor has been greatly enhanced to be much easier to use! Now it behaves much more like a word processor, showing you almost exactly how your post will look as you write. I'm sure most people were turned off by the ugly, constraining BBCode, so it's time to say goodbye to it. (It's still supported for those of us who have already been using it.)

With the new editor, there are a lot of new supported features that were not possible at the Codex before!

Format text with bold, italics, underline, strike-through, subscript, superscript, and blockquote.

Undo and redo, just like a word processor.

Create links easily.

Insert and format images, and see what they will look like in the editor! Add a border, set spacing, adjust size within the editor using the mouse, and turn images into links with the link button...

...or use templates to format images within a paragraph instantly, making your job even easier!

...or use styles on images to embed them inside a paragraph on the left or right. (Have I given you enough ways to embed images?)

Use pre-defined styles to make text bigger or smaller, or use a fixed-width font.

Use foreground and background colours on text.

Set the alignment of your content to left, right, or centre.

Use numbered and bullet lists.

Use horizontal rules.

Use the TAB key to indent.

Finally, the max length of each entry has been doubled to 20,000 characters (including invisible mark-up codes), so those of you copying-and-pasting big chunks of stuff into the website should have an easier time.

As always, let me know if you hit any problems or have suggestions for improvements. Post on the Forum or use the Contact Form.


~ Neil

Monday, November 05, 2007

New Sidebar Options

Today universe creators have a new toy to play with: you can now add stuff to the left sidebar of all pages in your universe(s)! Add text and links to help visitors navigate through your universe. Links can point to pages here at the Codex, or to any other website.

Go add stuff to the sidebar of your universe today! Look for the "Add Menu Items Here" link to get started. The internet doesn't get much more exciting than this!

~ Neil

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Universe Modes

Click to viewAn important new feature has arrived! Now there are three options for who can add information in universes:

An Open universe allows anyone to contribute information, which is how the Codex has always worked in the past.

A Solo universe has only one author: the owner (the person who created it). This is the perfect option for people who aren't interested in collaborating. If you want to publish stuff on the web and have full control over it, then this is the mode for you.

A Group universe is open only to those who are given permission by the universe owner. Privileges can be given to group members for individual pages or for the entire universe. There are a lot of options in group mode! For example, a group member can be given permission to edit only one character in the universe. Group mode is a great way to collaborate with friends and get organized!

Existing universes can take advantage of these new modes right now. If you created a universe, you can go to its main page and click the "Universe Options" link. The universe mode can be changed at any time, so feel free to try them out!

More features are on the way.

~ Neil

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